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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Free Linux Laptops for Artists

Do you know an actor, writer or musician who desperately needs a free laptop?

Did you get a new computer for the holidays and now have an old surplus one you don't know what to do with?

Recently at ScreenPlayLab I asked a struggling actor why he doesn't have a laptop so he can get casting notices and check online for email. I thought perhaps he's resisting the computer age, but he told me no, that he simply can't afford one. He goes to the library, when he can, to use a computer. I have a surplus laptop in my closet that's too old to run XP or Vista. It was a great computer five years ago, but today is worthless as a Windows computer. However, it runs Linux quite nicely. I'm giving it to him.

Many people have gotten new laptops this holiday season. Maybe you have placed your old Windows ME/2000 laptop in a closet where it will stay until you eventually throw it away. You can help artists who can't afford a laptop computer by giving your old computer to ScreenPlayLab.

Are you a struggling artist who needs a laptop? Are you an actor, writer or musician who dreams of being able to get online at an Internet cafe? Maybe you've already got an old Windows ME/2000 machine that you can't use because it seems obsolete and is crippled by viruses? Wouldn't it be great if you could use that?

We'll take your old surplus laptop, install the latest Linux software, and give it to an artist who needs it.

What is Linux?

Linux desktops are used by hundreds of artists at the biggest studios such as Disney and ILM. Linux is #1 in the film industry for feature animation and visual effects. It's better, faster and cheaper. Linux is highly resistant to computer viruses, another reason studios love it. Linux software includes email, web browser and office apps that handle Word documents and Excel spreadsheets, everything a typical artist needs.

Linux is great fun to use, but can seem daunting to install. I'm a film industry Linux expert who works on Linux projects at studios such as DreamWorks Animation. Ubuntu and other Linux companies have donated Linux software so I can give it away for free. All we need are laptops to install it on and artists who need laptops!

Bring us your tired laptops! Request a free laptop! Email me for details...

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Love you guys!


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