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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

ScreenPlayLab Mixer on Thursday, March 11th

If you're not busy working or have other plans for Thursday night, we'd love to see you at our ScreenPlayLab mixer. Details below...

Hope you had a great time watching the Oscars this week. My series of articles covering the Oscars made the front page of Google News. If you missed my Oscar stories, you can catch up on them here:

ScreenPlayLab Mixer March 11th...

ScreenPlayLab is a great emotional boost when you’re wondering if anybody cares in Hollywood. We care and will be pumping out positive vibes as usual. ScreenPlayLab isn’t a writers group. It’s for everyone interested in scripted TV and film...producers, writers, actors, directors, editors, composers, crew, representation. People from all aspects of the business are at our events.

Join us at the elegant Sidebar by Wolfgang Puck in the Regency Beverly Wilshire Hotel, 9500 Wilshire Blvd. at Rodeo Drive, where "Pretty Woman" was filmed in Beverly Hills. Biz casual or cocktail attire. Drinks start at $6 but check with your server as this is a very fancy place where prices can go much higher. Ask about drink specials, appetizers and deserts. 7pm to 10pm. FREE, but please order something to drink or eat. RSVP online using web form:

Erin Brown on the Short Red Carpet...

ScreenPlayLab member Erin Brown takes a walk on the short red carpet in this short:

Yale in Hollywood on March 12th to 13th...

Panels and parties. Sheraton Universal Hotel, Universal City. $200.

Minority Films on March 13th...

Scriptwriters Network presents "Minority Films, Universal Themes" with Ligiah Villalobos, David Wyatt, and Youssef Delara. Universal Studios Backlot, Rehearsal Hall 3269, 3900 Lankershim Blvd., Gate #3, Universal City. Check-in at noon. Panel starts at 1pm. Free parking. $10 for ScreenPlayLab members who print and bring this invitation. RSVP before 10pm on Thursday, March 11th to

PaleyFest Ongoing to March 14th...

Panels with the casts of Modern Family, Lost, NCIS, Community, Dexter, Cougar Town, The Vampire Diaries, Seth MacFarlane, Breaking Bad, FlashForward, Men of a Certain Age, Glee, and Curb Your Enthusiasm. 465 N. Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills. $15 each.

All Cities Media Group on March 2nd, March 19th, March 25th...

Film finance Media Group 3 meets the 3rd Friday of the Month at 12:30pm at Sunset-Gower Studios Screening Room, 1438 North Gower St. #21, Hollywood. Lunch. Filmmakers Group meets at Boston University In Los Angeles, 5700 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 675, Los Angeles, 4th Thursday, 12:30PM to 2:30PM. 323.424.4039. Media Group 1 meets the first Tuesday of the month at 7am at Greenburg-Traurig, 2450 Colorado Ave., Ste. 400E, Santa Monica.

Fashion Week Los Angeles on March 17-24th...

Events this season will include a kick-off reception for designers hosted by Fashion Group International, Gen Art’s avant garde presentation of emerging fashion talent, a creative coalition on the edge of downtown at BoxEight Studios, a new Beverly Hills Fashion Week production and the return of the exclusive Simply Stylists event at a private venue. Fashion Week overlays Market Week, which takes place in the showroom building and trade shows clustered at the intersection of 9th and Los Angeles Streets, March 19-23.

ShowBiz Expo Los Angeles on April 24-25...

ScreenPlayLab co-founder Gabrielle Pantera and I are moderating the Social Media 101 panel at ShowBiz Expo. We'll also have a booth there for ScreenPlayLab. If you'd like to volunteer to help out, email me.

Thousands of industry pros will see what's new in products and services for filmmakers and other entertainment pros, attend informative panels and workshops, and connect with other industry professionals. The exhibit floor is free, conference panels are $15-$30 or $99 for an all-day pass. Use code SHOW25 for a 25% discount on panels and workshops. Los Angeles Convention Center.

Digital Hollywood and Variety Summit on May 3rd to 6th...

Digital Hollywood Content Summit III. Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel, Filmmakers Lounge at Venice Room, Santa Monica. Prices start at $95. Add $100 to participate in the Variety Summit.

Love you guys!


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